Greener Fram

Action for a Positive Future

Greener Fram is an independent, voluntary, community group based in the small town of Framlingham in Suffolk. We aim to raise awareness of environmental issues, promote practical ways of reducing energy consumption, and champion the creation of a sustainable community.


Next Swap and Mend

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This Saturday 18th June , 9.30 and 1pm and

held at the Unitarian Meeting Hall beside the Library in Framlingham.

Bring things you no longer want to swap or bring something broken that needs mending.

LETS project will be present where you can swap services for free.

If you have nothing to swap and would like to take something, then we suggest a donation.

Fairtrade refreshments available


Greener Fram is funded from donations

which pay for hall hire, mending, insurance, our website and new initiatives.


Future Swap and Mends

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Next Swap and Mend Saturday 18th June.

We have agreed to have Swap and Mends monthly through the Spring, Summer and early Autumn of 2016. The Swap and Mends are all on Saturdays between 9.30 and 1pm and held at the Unitarian Meeting Hall beside the Library in Framlingham.

The Dates for the future are 13th August, 10th September and 15th October.

The 15th October will be held at the FAYAPS centre next to Thomas Mills High School. This will be a mini Swap and Mend but also our AGM.

Don’t forget the Mending part of Swap and Mend events we may be able to mend things for free. Our volunteers will mend and Greener Fram will pay for any material from donations. Talk to us and we can assess whether mending is possible. We have skilled volunteers in sewing, leather work, welding, electrics and simple electronics.

Check out the LETS stand for services or items you might need and register services and items you may have. Get things done FREE of money.

Greener Fram is funded from your donations.

This pays for our hall hire, insurance, website and starting new projects.

Come and join us, taking action for a positive future.

Event FRAM L.E.T.S


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All are Welcome                                                                       Next Swap and mend Saturday 14th May

Want to trade, find out more about L.E.T.S or just want a cuppa, come along all are welcome.

Social Gathering and Trading Morning – Saturday 7th May, 10am-1pm

FAYAP Centre, Thomas Mills High School, Framlingham

Refreshments provided, including homemade cakes!

Framlingham LETS now has 18 members. After a few (not unexpected) teething problems, the website is being improved so that members can enter more precise details about the goods and services they are offering.