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Thanks to all the team.

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Next Swap or Mend Saturday 13th August

For a Swap or mend to run successfully we need the time and willingness of a team of volunteers.

The team loads and unloads previously stored items, drives the vans/cars to venue, puts up tables, puts out signs and lays out what we have, makes refreshments, unloads more items from cars as they arrive, answers questions, encourages the public to come in, does mending, runs the LETS stall, helps the public with their swaps or mends, mends some things, takes information from the public regarding items too big to bring but will then be put on the website, clears the venue, hovering, putting back furniture, loading vans and cars and taking items left over to storage.

crew 1     The crew + EADT

What a team! Thank you all. Swap or Mends would not happen without you.

If anyone would like join the team and help, then please let us know through the website or at an event.

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