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Saturday 10th February – Next Swap and Mend

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Swap and Mends usually happen monthly. At each event you bring something you don’t want to swap, or bring something that has broken and we will see if we can mend it, or just come along and take what you like for a no pressure donation. We serve Fairtrade tea, coffee and sometimes cakes all for free. Our mending is for free as volunteers take on the mending, Greener Fram pays for the parts and you can give a donation.

Greener Fram also runs the community garden, a LET scheme, Fairshare food stall and we also organize a bulk buy from SUMA foods. To find out more come along on the 10th February to the Unitarian Meeting Hall next to the library in Framlingham.

Greener Fram is funded entirely by your donations. If you have ideas that fit with our objectives then share them with us and those ideas maybe our next project.