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Next Swap and Mend – Saturday November 10th

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Our next Swap and Mend will be on the above date. Please bring your things you don’t want to swap.

Please do not bring broken items or non-working electrical goods or items that are well past there best.  We can mend items. Ask if unsure. Some items cannot be mended usually involving cracked plastic or solid state electrics. Mending is done by volunteers and the parts are provided by Greener Fram. All we expect is a monetary donation which reflects the work done.

Greener Fram runs on the donations given and the team of amazing volunteers. Our donations cover insurance, website, mending materials, starting new projects and expenses.

Framlingham Unitarian Meeting Hall (next to the library) 9.30 to 1 pm.

Volunteers needed for Swap and Mends – transport stored items to the venue, to be points of contact (training given), Helping to unload and sort swaps and lay out items safely. Contact or just come along to our next event and volunteer.

Volunteers needed for the Community Garden – A coordinator(s) to organise and act as point of contact, individuals to assist with weeding, sowing, more weeding and harvesting.  Ask at the next Swap and Mend if you can help or have questions.

We also run:

  • LETS scheme (local exchange trading scheme) trading skills,
  • Free share shed
  • Suma bulk buy, buying whole foods
  • Mends Shed

We are taking action for positive future.


AGM and Takeaway

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Saturday 13th October , 10.00am -12.00pm
The Unitarian Meeting House, Framlingham

Join us for our Annual General Meeting where we will be discussing all the exciting things we’ve been up to in the past year and deciding the direction of Greener Fram for the coming year.

If you’re one of our new volunteers or if you’ve been wanting to get involved, this is your chance to find out a bit more about us and have an active role in guiding Greener Fram. You could even join the committee if you’re really keen to make a green difference!

Takeaway, instead of Swap and Mend. Alongside the AGM, we are giving you the chance to takeaway items and definitely not swap! Our barn is overflowing so we need to clear stock before we can take new donations. This is the last chance for some of these items before they go to ‘another place’. Don’t let that happen.