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Next Swap and Mend

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Saturday January 12th 9.30-1.00pm
@ The Unitarian Meeting House, FramlinghamSwap and Mend is back for 2019. Perfect timing to drop off some spring cleaning casualties, or say a guilt free goodbye to those very thoughtful but unwanted gifts. Don’t forget about the Food Share shed located in the Framlingham Library car park, it will happily swallow up any unwanted food! (No alcohol)

A couple of guidelines to start the year – Please donate respectfully. If it’s clearly trash try and recycle it if possible. If you’re not sure ask one of our volunteers for guidance. Please don’t leave items before Swap and Mend opens. It could obstruct pathways or the event might have been cancelled.
We are joined again by the wonderful Fram Fix. Find them in their fixing tent and see if they can help bring your broken item back to life! You can also speak to them about Volunteering. The Fram Fix team are still desperately looking for a permanent home, can you help?