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Greener Fram Summer reflection and vacancies.

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It is summer break time again. Time to relax, reflect and plan ahead. During the last year Greener Fram has successfully run Swap and Mends which saved loads of ‘stuff’ going into landfill. These were recycled which also meant others did not need to buy new ‘stuff’. Framfix has come into being and is going from strength to strength. The Community garden is being renovated and renewed.

While Greener Fram has being doing the above climate change has been in the news headlines. Not before time! Greener Fram was originally started to act for a positive future around climate change. We need to act now and we can do so much more, both as individuals, as community and nationally/internationally.

For Greener Fram to do anything and be as successful as we have been then we need volunteers. To make things happen with present projects and initiate new projects we need an active core group and this includes key people. WE ARE ALL VOLUNTEERS.

We have our Annual General Meeting in October and we have several key people to replace. We will need a new chair person, treasurer, garden rep, secretary and a social media person. All these valued volunteers are stepping down, for various reasons, this October.

For Greener Fram to continue to thrive we need to replace these key people. If you feel you may be able fulfill any of these roles then contact us through this website. You may be able add your skills to help make a positive future.

Next Swap and Mend is Saturday 14th September. Hope to see you there.