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This year 21 of the 30 beds were worked and much of the resulting produce was shared through the Food Share Shed. The garden is due to be cleared and ploughed for a complete refurbishment during the winter. We have a meeting with the College on Tuesday 15th October to finalise the details.

We are waiting to hear back from Waitrose with the results of their community token scheme which we took part in during September. We are aslo still waiting to hear back from a number of grant applications Lesley applied for.

We won 9 prizes in the Framlingham Autumn Horticultural Show.

Our instagram account has proven very successful and we now have quite a few families wishing to join us once the garden is up and running again.

The World Button Pairing Championship fundraising event is planned for May 2020 [£100 – 120] to pay for seeds/sets etc.

For the full AGM draft minutes for 2019 please see MInutes of Meetings.


Next Swap and Mend Saturday 9th November

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This Swap and Mend will only run if enough support is available. We need 3-4 people willing to collect stuff from our store and take back stuff at the end. We need two to run refreshments and at least four others to unload cars and support ‘customers. If we can’t get the volunteers then Swap and Mend can’t happen.

Thank you for to those of you who have offered to help. Unfortunately you were very few. Swap and Mend has been running since April 2014 because of a core of willing volunteers. If you can help with November Swap and Mend then let us know and in what capacity. We will see if it is possible to continue in it its present form.