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A Kenwood food mixer was handed onto Framfix to mend. The contact details have been unfortunately mislaid. Could the person who gave this item in please contact Framfix through this website. Thanks.


A new way for Swap and Mend

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Next Swap and Mend Saturday 9th November

Swap and Mend is going to be slightly different. First we have a coordinator Rachel who will run Swap and Mends and ensure we have the staff or she will cancel. Second we have some new rules for the health and safety reasons.

Each Swap and Mend will open to the public at 10am. Only staff will be allowed in before that time. We will be checking to ensure we are not being given rubbish/trash which should have been recycled. No inkjet printers or paints please. So, no drop offs before 10am. If you are not sure then ask one of our volunteers for guidance.

Items for mending will be taken in by Framfix, which also meets on the 4th Saturday of each month. We will still be serving Fairtrade refreshments. Donations are not compulsory, but are greatly appreciated as Greener Fram is only funded through the donations given. Thank you for you support.

If all works well we intend to run a December Swap and Mend and thereafter bi-monthly and so the next would be in February 2020.