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Background of Greener Fram

GF was started in 2008, by Judy Masters and Barbara Howard, our two founder members. Judy and Barbara had both attended a talk by John Midwinter about climate change and were so impressed with the information given and the need for action that they decided to do something about climate change locally and created GF.

Over the years we have worked with Suffolk Coastal District Council, Suffolk County Council and many other organisations. We have worked in the areas of insulation, solar PV, warmer homes, energy saving, creating less waste, community gardening and neighbourhood planning. 

In the early days GF was run with regular information and awareness raising events (4-6 meetings per year) and one or two projects per year. We started a website which with the awareness raising events and were awarded a Greenest County Award in 2010.

In 2010 we affiliated ourselves to the Transition Movement. At this time we started the community garden in cooperation with College and we changed the constitution to conform with the Transition Movement aims.

In 2013 GF very nearly folded but from a Transition Movement based Energy saving course called ‘Transition Streets’  a new team joined GF and from them came new ideas. One of these was Swap and Mends which started in April 2014. We received another Greenest County Award in 2015 for our work with Swap and Mends.

GF now has website, Facebook, Twitter presence and 200-300 people attend Swap and Mends each month. We are funded totally by donations now and this pays for our insurance, website, mending expenses, hall hire, starting new projects and funding activities in other organisations such as the Primary School.