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Another successful Swap and Mend December 2017

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Even with the cold weather lots of people turned out either to bring ‘things’ in or to browse and take ‘things’ away.

Thanks for all who came along and to the helpers without whom it wouldn’t happen. Swap and Mends are run to keep ‘things’ out of landfill and re-home unwanted ‘things’.  We can often feel that our small actions for a positive future are minuscule, but I think a quote from  E.F.Schumacher (author of the book ‘Small is beautiful’) says it all really.

‘We must do what we conceive to be the right thing and not bother our heads or burden our souls with whether we’re going to be successful, because if we don’t do the right thing, we’ll just be doing the wrong thing and we’ll just be part of the disease and not part of the cure.’

A thought that might encourage us. Next Swap and Mend, Saturday 13th January 2018.


Saturday 9th December Next Swap and Mend

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Lots of people attended the last Swap and Mend, many new to the idea. Great atmosphere, great refreshments (thanks Deborah and others) a large amount ‘things’ were taken away and we were busy most of the time. 9.30- 1pm. Held at the Unitarian Meeting Hall next to the library in Framlingham.

So bring along those ‘things’ you don’t want, which are cluttering up your home/garage, and make room for your Christmas presents and have a free cuppa, cake or biscuits.

Greener Fram runs these Swap and Mends and has been since April 2014. We run entirely on donations and thank you for your support. We run these events to keep ‘things’ being thrown away and filling land fill sites.



AGM minutes posted and next Swap and Mend

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The draft minutes of the AGM are posted below on the menu board under minutes of meetings.

After our AGM we had an ilustrated talk by Prof John Midwinter ‘ A sustainable lifestyle; idle dream or an urgent necessity’ which was most thought provoking and challenged the basis of our ‘conventional’ twenty-first century lifestyle.

The next Swap and Mend is on Saturday November 11th held at the Unitarian Meeting Hall in Framlingham, next to the library, from 9.30 until 1 pm. Bring things you don’t want and swap for things you do need. Or just take what you need and give a donation. We do mending as well so please do bring things along for mending. Just ask if you are not sure. Again mending is done for donations. Greener Fram is funded by donations only.