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A new secretary needed for Greener Fram

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Greener Fram will need a new secretary as from our AGM on Saturday 17th October.

Our present secretary takes minutes of any core meetings, organises our incoming and outgoing emails (we have over 200 email contacts, email sent out in batches), arranges advertising for events and generally works with the chair to keep communications open.

Thanks must go to our going secretary for keeping things on track and proof reading/editing numerous missives from the chair.

Anyone interested in taking over the role of secretary of Greener Fram or need s more information please contact David on

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Saturday 17th October

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Greener Fram AGM and Greener Living Event

FYAP Centre  (Next to Thomas Mills High school)Greeber Fram banner

10 am – 1 pm

Everyone is welcome to come along. There will be Freecycle goods to take away. Find out more of what Greener Fram is doing and would like to do. Discover how to save money and help save the planet.

AGM commences at 10.30am

11.30 am – Talk on present state of grants, incentives and Feed in Tariffs, by  John Taylor,  Communinity Advisor, Suffolk Climate Change Partnership

Fairtrade Tea & Coffee available