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Event Swap or Mend

Next Swap and Mend on Saturday 8th July

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Start sorting out the things you might want to swap or have mended ready for the event. Last time we counted there were over three hundred people coming along and huge amounts of ‘stuff’ that would have gone to landfill was re – homed.  If you have nothing to swap then come along anyway and take what you want, giving Greener Fram a donation. We are funded only by your donations.  We also provide free fairtrade tea and coffee, and usually cakes as well.

Come and take part. You might just find that item you didn’t know you wanted and when you get fed up with bring it along to another Swap and Mend and swap it for something else.

We mend items. Bring something along and rather than throw it away get it mended. Our volunteers give their time for free and Greener Fram funds the materials. All it costs you is a donation to cover costs.

Great for children as no money is involved. ‘Just make sure they don’t try the same in the local shops.’

Swap and Mend is organised by Greener Fram your local transition group. Come and find out what that is all about.


Event Swap or Mend

Another Successful Swap and Mend

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Reporting on the March Swap and Mend

Next Swap and Mend Saturday 8th April,

Film ‘Tomorrow’ showing on Monday 24th April.

This month’s Swap & Mend was one of the busiest so far. Although the morning began and ended with a lot more stuff than we’ve seen of late, there was still a good turnover. Many items were bagged within moments of being donated. If you’ve never been before, you’d be amazed at what you can pick up. There’s always lots of books, toys,

Spadge found a hunting horn

electronics and kitchen equipment. This month we had at least 4 lawnmowers, a nearly new TV and a hunting horn.

Even if you don’t think you need anything, everyone loves to rummage and I challenge you to not leave empty-handed.

       A view from the balcony.

Jean and Rachel are our lovely sewing ladies who can mend and alter clothes so you don’t need to throw out your old favourites. Spadge and John can mend bicycles, electronics and electrical items. We also gained 2 new mending volunteers, both called Keith!

Thanks to all our volunteers who work hard to set up and clear away each month, and to all our ‘customers’ who generously donate goods and money.