FramFix (Community Mend Shed) Update – June 2019

Greener Fram Swap and Mend Sessions

FramFixer’s, Alison, Vince and John have attended most of the Greener Fram ‘Swap and Mend’ sessions since our formation last year.

People are beginning to become more and more aware of FramFix, represented by the increased number (and variety) of items we have received for repair. In most cases we’ve been successful, repairing microwaves through to mandolins (and lots in between). However some things have proved more challenging, examples include old Kenwood mixers, sit-on lawnmowers and piano concertinas!

Collaboration with Debenham Mens Shed

FramFixer’s have continued to travel over to Debenham on Friday afternoons, sharing their huge barn and 40 foot container.  Many thanks to the members for hosting us as we continue to seek a venue for FramFix closer to home. 

Anyone who would like to travel over with us to Debenham on Fridays, please let either Vince or John know as we may be able to offer a lift?

Dedicated FramFix Mend Days  

After discussion with the GreenerFram management committee, it has been agreed that FramFix will host a dedicated mend event at the Unitarian Meeting House on every 4th Saturday of the month (we still plan to be at Swap and Mend to collect items for mending). FramFix has booked 27th July, 24th August and 28th September and developing communications and marketing materials for these events, please watch out for this.   

Thanks to everyone for their support of FramFix!