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FramFix (Community Mend Shed)  

Meeting on 23rd February at FYAPS centre cancelled due to illness.

FramFix. Community Mend Shed.  February 2019 Update

John and Vince attended the recent Greener Fram Swap and Mend event at the Unitarian Meeting House on Saturday 9th February. Thanks for the great additional mending support from Bob!

Here is a link to our latest January 2019 FramFix minutes.


If you can’t access this link please email Vince on: and he will send them to you as an attachment.

FramFix are holding their first dedicated mend event as the FAYAP Centre (in Thomas Mills High School, Framlingham) next Saturday, 23rd February 2019. Please do bring items that you would like mended.

Progress update as of January 2019

Hello to everyone who has signed up to Framfix (Community Mend Shed) in the past four months!

Here’s a quick update on our progress made since we started to talk about the set up a mend shed in Framlingham since September last year.

The first FramFix committee met in early September 2018, consisting of: John Marten (Chair), Deborah Gane (Treasurer), Kevin O’Hara (Admin – resigned) and Vince Langdon-Morris (Secretary). Since then we have slowly started to get the ball rolling!

Initially FramFix will work under the umbrella of ‘Greener Fram’. Vince and John have now attended three ‘Swap and Mend’ sessions as FramFix’ers, repairing all sorts of broken equipment (we will be there again this Saturday, 12th January) from hedge trimmers to electric kettles to food processers! All this ‘fixing’ has netted us approximately £100 pounds in donations to date.

After much consideration, discussion and feedback we have an agreed FramFix logo! This will need some further tidying up, but should do us for now.

Vince visited the Halesworth Men’s Shed to glean ideas (well worth a visit and a very impressive set-up)! He has also established a link with the recently formed Debenham Mens Shed and surprised at just how many sheds there are across Suffolk, UK … the World!!

We are now officially registered with the UK Mens Shed Association and this allows us to access a host of useful materials, e.g support and advice from Laura Winkley at their UK head office, how to create a legal persona for FramFix, how to set-up and manage our finances, how to access suitable insurance, attract members, link-up to other sheds …the list goes on).

Vince has set up a FramFix google drive. For those signed up and receiving emails from FramFix, you have access here to all the folders, documents and materials developed to date.

Important: Our first FramFix meeting at FAYAP on Saturday, 19th January (10:00-12:00).

Spadge Hopkins has kindly allowed us the use of FAYAP hall at Thomas Mills High School, to bring us together to discuss next steps for FramFix.

The draft agenda thus far looks like this … we can amend this on the day as required:

  1. 2 mins. Introduction by John Marten, FramFix Chair Person
  2. 5 mins – Brief update on FramFix – activities / actions taken to date (Vince LM)
  3. 10 mins – FramFix Committee.  John is happy to stay on as Chair / Vice Chair and Vince as Secretary. But we need to discuss and fill committee positions.
  4. 10 mins – Finances! Where we are right now (just over £100 quid). Discuss a draft budget to set up a FramFix Shed, acquire ,insurance, etc, etc. Suggestions on how to fund this.
  5. 10 mins – Discuss, agree, set up FramFix legal persona! Vince happy to present UKMSA materials to guide us and come to an agreement. This will allow FramFix to officially contract business (e.g. set up bank account, pay shed rent (when we find one), contract insurance, etc, etc, etc). 
  6. 10 mins – Set some milestones / deadlines for next 1-3 months.
  7. 10 mins – AOB.
  8. Theoretically …a whole hour left to drink lashings of tea and talk about FramFix!

Hope to see you all on the 19th January