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Update: 13.3.2017

LETS currency named as ‘Framlings’ and should be considered equivalent to £1

Hello Everyone

The great news is that we now have 30 members, with about half a dozen having signed up at the last Greener Fram swap and mend event.

The less good news is that no-one has yet traded! Some members are yet to add their details to the website. With such a good size of membership, there is surely now a critical mass to begin trading.

In order to encourage you all, I am offering a gorgeous box of Booja Booja organic champagne truffles to the first 4 members to trade. This offer will be time-limited as I will have to eat themself as they approach their eat-by date!

I am also planning a second meet-up, probably for some time in early September once the summer comings and goings are over. I’m thinking of an evening event this time. The first one was well-attended, but I think it was a mistake to make it a flexible drop-in as few people were there at the same time. If we make it say, a one hour event, you will have a better chance to network. Do let me know if you have any good ideas about meeting up.

Best Wishes

Co-ordinator, Framlingham LETS

LETS Newsletter No1

Framlingham LETS now has 18 members. After a few (not unexpected) teething problems, the website is being improved so that members can enter more precise details about the goods and services they are offering.

To date, no trades have taken place (!) although one or two are being negotiated. Once we have a critical mass of members and an improved website, I am confident things will take off. To give the scheme a kickstart, we are having a drop-in social event on the morning of Saturday 7th May. This will be an opportunity to meet other members and perhaps trade. Members are encouraged to bring items they wish to sell, and as a small incentive, we will give each member attending a credit of 5 ‘frams’ to spend on the day. You are welcome to bring friends and neighbours who aren’t yet members – they can join on the day.

We still haven’t decided on a name for our currency (working title – frams) so we’ll be asking for suggestions. Please feel free to give us your ideas even if you can’t be there on the day.

If you need a lift – why not contact another member and pay them in ‘frams’!

We’d love to see you there. If you can’t make it and have any queries or suggestions, please let me know.

For members with access to the internet, don’t forget to log in if you haven’t already done so.

Best Wishes

Jackie Barrow   LETS Co-ordinator    01728 684312


As part of Greener Fram’s commitment to a sustainable community, we have set up a Local Exchange Trading Scheme (LETS) . This allows members to trade goods and services with each other without using money. It works a bit like a barter system, but instead of simply doing a direct swap, members can build up credits which they can then ‘spend’ with any other member.

For example, you might feed someone’s cat while they are on holiday, and your account is credited by an agreed amount. You can then use that credit to buy some homegrown vegetables from another member.

So many people told us ‘but I haven’t got any skills, I don’t know what to offer’. But the possibilities are endless; it could be something you already do for a living, self-employed plumbers, electricians and decorators will always be in big demand. You could offer something you love to do as a hobby – baking, party magician, gardening. If you have lots of free time you could offer to wait in for deliveries whilst your neighbour is at work, or a lift to the train station perhaps. If you have a spare bedroom, you could offer occasional B&B accommodation, for example when another member is having a family celebration. You can sell items you no longer need – outgrown baby clothes, furniture, gardening tools. You could lend out DIY tools.

Services already offered include making flat-pack furniture, Christmas cakes, catering, dog-walking, computer help and house-sitting.

As the scheme grows, we will have occasional get-togethers so that members can meet each other and trade. In the longer term, it will be great to have local shops and businesses involved.

We plan to have a dedicated website up and running in the next couple of weeks. If you’d like to join us, or have any queries, please contact our LETS co-ordinator Jackie Barrow on 01728 684312 or email