About Us

Welcome to the Greener Fram web site. Greener Fram, which takes the inspiration for its name from the small town of Framlingham in Suffolk, is a community group that has been created to raise local awareness of green issues such as climate change, global warming and to suggest practical ideas for reducing energy consumption and creating a sustainable community.

What is Greener Fram?

Greener Fram is an independent, voluntary, environmental community group promoting sustainable and resilient lifestyles in and around Framlingham. We are members of the International Transition Network which is a group helping to create sustainable, resilient and more self-sufficient communities across the world, and which are more physically and psychologically prepared for the future.

We are funded by your donations.

‘action for a positive future’

What do we do?

We run Swap and Mend events to keep items out of landfill, a Community Garden in cooperation with Framlingham College to encourage growing skills and eating local food, advice on how to save energy and cut household bills, and run a Free Food Share Shed (outside the library in Fram) We work in cooperation with others.

All are welcome to these activities and they are all free.

‘action for a positive future’

What else can we do about it? Reducing carbon dioxide emissions is a good place to start. Reducing CO2 emissions means saving energy and saving energy means saving money – something that we can all relate to. Protect the environment in other ways is important too, so we want to make the most of our green spaces and perhaps even plant some trees.

But how do we reduce CO2 emissions? There are lots of ways: by saving energy in the home, using alternative forms of transport, planting trees – the list goes on. For instance, installing cavity wall and loft installation could substantially reduce your heating bill and it needn’t cost the earth.

How will GreenerFram help? We want to act as a focal point so that we can offer information and advice that will help you to make informed decisions. GreenerFram isn’t about preaching an environmental gospel (there are lots of other organisations doing that) it’s about helping you pick and choose the things that will make your life better in some way.

What we would like to do.

  • We would like to start a Community Supported Agriculture Project to give growers a guaranteed market and consumer’s good quality food from a known local source.
  • We would like to provide Local Energy for local people.
  • We would like to promote Social Art Projects to promote greener living, including music, poetry, painting, sculpture and drama. All these projects need more volunteers and some funding.  
  • ‘action for a positive future’

Why do we do it?

Through our voluntary activities we aim to lower our carbon footprint and in so doing begin to tackle climate change.

We aim to address the way we value resources and use fewer resources in better ways.

 ‘action for a positive future’

We try to think GLOBALLY and ACT LOCALLY. In so doing, we can begin the change and make Framlingham and area more resilient and sustainable in the future, whatever it may bring.

‘action for a positive future’

How are we going to achieve it? Well, we don’t pretend to have all the answers and we’re starting small, but like an acorn we aim to grow. For a start, we want to raise awareness of Green issues and promoting things that will benefit both you and the environment.  Longer term, we would like to do some research to find out exactly how much energy is being used and then use this research to suggest ways of saving energy and measuring how successful we’ve been. We would like to do lots of things there’s no definite plan yet – other than we need to have a plan!

Please use this to contact the Core Group via the website . Our Chair is David Greenacre.

Click on ‘the core group’ – for full names and details of Committee members