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CONSTITUTION of Greener Fram 2019


The name of the group is Greener Fram (hereinafter called GF)


The area covered by GF shall be Framlingham and the surrounding parishes.


  • To raise awareness within the area of the challenges of climate change/breakdown and resource depletion, and the consequent need for change away from the use of fossil fuels.
  • To work with others in the area to develop a low carbon, sustainable and resilient future for the Framlingham area.
  • To support individuals, families and organizations in their efforts to prepare for this future.


  • To create and help implement an Energy Descent Action Plan (EDAP) for Framlingham and the surrounding area.
  • To give practical guidance to individuals, families and organizations as how to cut their carbon footprint, and provide information how changes in lifestyle can impact on climate change/breakdown and resource depletion.
  • To support and work with other local Transition Towns and similar community-led initiatives
  • To engage with other organizations, including statutory, voluntary, and business in pursuit of GF aims and objectives.


The members shall be subscribers to this constitution and individuals and organizations admitted without reference to wealth, politics, religion, sex, disability, age or sexual preference, who live, work or operate in the area as described above, and who are in agreement with the stated aims and objectives.

A member shall cease to be a member if she/he:

  • resigns; or
  • is requested to resign by three-quarters of members voting to this effect.

Any members expelled shall have the opportunity to defend themselves at an Extraordinary General Meeting where they shall have the fullest opportunity to answer any allegations made against them.

There are no membership subscriptions. All members are unpaid volunteers.


GF is managed by a core group, which meets at least twice a year.

All members of GF are eligible for election onto the core group.

The committee comprises a Chairperson, Treasurer, Vice-Chair and Minutes Secretary and up to 12 other members and has the power to co-opt.

The core group is elected every year, the election-taking place at the Annual General Meeting with all members of GF being eligible to vote.

The officers are elected at the AGM. In the event of one of the officers resigning or otherwise unable to continue in post between AGMs, the core group will ensure the post is covered temporarily until the next AGM.


Any representatives of other organizations including statutory, voluntary, and business may be invited to attend core group or other meetings of GF.

The officers shall report on the group’s activities and financial position at all meetings.

A quorum of four is required to conduct a valid meeting.


Bank accounts in the name of Greener Fram shall be maintained and all monies received from any source on behalf of the Group shall be paid into them.

Expenditure shall be authorised by two of three signatories, one of whom must be either the Chairperson, Vice- Chair or Treasurer.

Petty cash is to be held by the Chairperson, Vice- Chair or Treasurer as required.

An independent auditor will audit the accounts of the Group annually and these accounts will be reported to the AGM.


The elected core group and co-opted members (named in the last AGM minutes) shall collectively share legal responsibilities for the groups actions.


The group may be dissolved or these rules amended by a two-thirds majority of those present at a general meeting of which fourteen days’ notice has been given.   The text of motions for amendment or dissolution shall be as stated in the notice convening the meeting.


The core group at its discretion shall deal with any matters affecting the Group and its activities, which are not otherwise provided for in these rules.

Constitution Adopted 2010, Last revised January 2019