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Minutes of meetings

 Core Group Meeting

7.30pm 27th March 2017

FAYAP Centre


  1. Present         Jackie Barrow, Spadge Hopkins, Rachel Marten, John Marten, Lydia Kirk,
  2. Caroline Hopkins, Santana Hard-Corr, Anita Beamish, Deborah Bea

Apologies     None

  • Minutes of 30th January 2017 approved and there were no matters arising.


  1. Film Night ‘Tomorrow’ 7pm 24th April. Will use the interval in the middle for refreshments, discussion and Post –It notes on wall of ways the film has inspired you. Bunting, banners and Greener Fram badges to help welcome people to the event.
  2. Donations boxes around the hall.
  3. Refreshments: Tea, coffee, cakes, popcorn. DB will bring our drinks supply & help man refreshments.

ACTION POINTS    All to try and publicise via posters, Facebook, flyers, SH-C to organise popcorn

  • Mending Shed


We will try running these straight after monthly Swap & Mends for a couple of hours. First one 6th May. Anyone free to help with this is welcome.

  • Free food cupboard.


We will introduce this scheme at our next Swap & Mend. Initially it will just run as a food table on those Saturdays. If successful we can look to extending it as a permanent feature in a cupboard. Engagement with the public so they understand the scheme and food is not taken that won’t be eaten.

ACTION POINTS    JM to approach Matt Smith re possibility of longer hall hire on those days with payment via LETS- possibly offering some gardening.

RM to approach Co-Op, Waitrose & bakery re excess/unsold food to collect the day before the event.

SH to approach market stallholders re unsaleable goods.

  • Pop Up Shop


Decided not to run with this at the moment but could always consider again in the future if Mending Sheds at the Unitarian prove very popular.

  • Treasurer’s Report


We currently hold £1,219 in our bank with web hosting and insurance soon due.

  • Electricity/green power event/visit to Bruisyard Hall and Village HallACTION POINT JM to check availability of both on Tuesday 13th June or Thursday 15th June and report back.


    1. We hope to advertise this at the Film Night.
  • Resolved to deregister the web domain.
  • Any other business


Spadge has looked into electrical recycling bins but there are onerous ongoing obligations and the disposal costs are too high. Spadge has contacted Cllr Hudson re the possibility of Fram getting an electrical recycling bin. GF could help fund the initial bin if SCDC were responsible for emptying. Spadge will report back any progress on this.

The Unitarian is running events over weekend of 13/14th May to celebrate their tercententary. DB will try to attend one on behalf of Greener Fram.

Swap & Mend Online is doing well with lots of items being rehomed in between our monthly events.

Meeting closed 8.30pm.


Core Group Meeting – 7.30pm 30th January 2017, FAYAP Centre


  1. Present: Jackie Barrow, Spadge Hopkins, Rachel Marten, John Marten, Lydia Kirk,

Caroline Hopkins, Santana Hard-Corr, Tim Thorpe

Apologies Deborah Bea, Tracie Russell, Anita Beamish

  1. Minutes of 10th November 2016 approved.

Matters arising.

Jackie has contacted the Co-op regarding their excessive packaging and has had a reply saying that the East of England do have any say over products’ packaging. The group suggested that Jackie writes back asking them to help fund a Greener Fram event to help better educate people on recycling to help reduce the effect of their excessive packaging- what goes in which bin etc. Could also use event to promote reducing food wastage and difference between best before and use by dates etc.

Jackie has contacted East Green who are happy to come to our electricity event free of charge. Spadge suggested holding it on the Market Hill on a Saturday in the FAYAP caravan. Jackie to contact Town Clerk regarding this. Possibly hold it a week after Swap & Mend to let our ‘customers’ know and so they can prepare their electricity bills to compare. Possibly also have a table in the coop foyer before the event to advertise it and seek new core group members.

Suggestion to also combine the 30-30 local food challenge with ideas on how to feed your family for less and meal plan to reduce food bills and wastage.

  1. Electricity/green power event/visit to Bruisyard Hall and Village Hall

John will contact the owners and report back by our next meeting.

  1. Free food cupboard.

Discussed several locations- near Town Council offices, outside United Free, in Santana’s garden, outside Unitarian. Concerns that if located centrally then people might use the food e.g. tins to vandalise things and Greener Fram may suffer the negative publicity on it. Santana suggested putting well phrased signs with the cupboard to try and deter misuse of cupboard, and Rachel suggested lining the back of the cupboard with a mirror to help deter this. Concerns if food bank is located outside of town centre people may not drop as many items off for it. Santana will contact people who already have a similar stall outside their house to see of any likely pitfalls and suggestions. When we have located a home for the bank John will start on the weatherproof cupboard.

  1. Men’s/Women’s Sheds

These are run nationally and there may be a need for similar projects around Fram where we could run workshops for groups to get together and make things, eg bird boxes, or mend things e.g. clothes repair workshops. Will put sign up at next Swap & Mend and gauge interest of attendees and helpers before seeing if we can move the idea forward. Could possibly be held at Spadge’s if a small group.

  1. Film Night ‘Tomorrow’

This film is issued by the Transition group and shows how communities are becoming more resilient and planning for the future. It costs £100 to screen the film which we should be able to cover with donations. Could invite town council and ask them for funding to help cover costs. Agreed to hold it at the FAYAP centre and pay room hire fees. Could open up invite to other transition groups. Audience of circa 50 would be ideal, although could probably hold up to 80 people. Monday evenings are best for the FAYAP. Jackie will try to get hold of DVD and then we will book night. John also brought in other DVDs which we could try if this film night is successful.

  1. Forget-Me-Not Club

This club is struggling for funding. Whilst it does a good job, the core group didn’t think it was something we could help with as is not linked to our aims and objectives. Instead practical advice for funding and ideas were given for John to pass on.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

We currently hold £1,209.43 in our bank account plus petty cash making a total of £1,229.53.

  1. Swap Mend- Name & Future Dates

Whist the most popular new name suggestion was “Fram Free Exchange”, Spadge pointed out this effectively means the same as the current event name, apart from it misses out any mention of mending and would involve extra cost of new banners etc as well as losing some of the event’s ‘brand recognition’ we have currently built. After discussion it was agreed to keep the name as Swap & Mend.

Swap & Mend Online The new Facebook page has over 150 members and several large items are being re-homed. The group is continuing to grow and it was decided it would be best to link the LETS group to this group, rather than the Greener Fram Facebook page which is run differently as a business and more for advertising events. Santana has restarted the Greener Fram Facebook page and is using it to advertise our events and other items of news.

Swap & Mend Dates 13th May (possibility hall is busy this weekend- if so, go for 6th), 10th June, 8th July. ACTION: JB to book the Unitarian Hall.

  1. Any other Business

Spadge suggested GF look into funding an electrical recycling bank in the town now that the Furniture Project has ceased and there isn’t anywhere to recycle such items locally. He will look into costs of emptying it and possible locations. Core group very keen on the idea as it would make it easier for people to recycle items that might otherwise go to landfill. It seems an appropriate way of spending our funds donated at Swap & Mend recycling events. Discussed providing other recycling banks such as batteries and hard plastics which lead to the idea of a new community recycling centre being mooted, especially with Fram’s increasing population. Spadge will raise this with the Town Council.

Meeting closed 9pm.

Core Group Meeting

7.30pm 10th November 2016

FAYAP Centre


  1. Present   Jackie Barrow, Spadge Hopkins, Deborah Bea, Rachel Marten, John Marten, Lydia Kirk

Apologies           Caroline Hopkins

    1. Treasurer’s Report We currently hold £1,025.59 including this month’s hall hire. Thanks to Gavin Harold for his extra effort with our accounts and for creating a balance sheet and profit and loss report. Agreed that Deborah would buy him some wine from GF. Deborah has contacted the bank about changing the cheque signatories. Jackie and Spadge to be added, Suzanne and David to be removed.
  • Future Activities

Energy Descent Action Plan (EDAP). The aim of this project is to envision your town in the future, in a post-oil age. One way of predicting this, is to look back 50+ years to when the town was not oil dependent, and see how differently things ran then. Perhaps this could be developed by talking to older residents in the town and then producing large info boards on our findings. Questions were asked on how we would engage the public with the plan, and whether people would listen or care. Suggestions that we should be cautious- if our ideas or visions for the future are too extreme we may scare members of the public off or simply be ignored.

Speakers Possibly have evening events for the public with key speakers on different topics each month. This lead to the idea of having a more informal ‘Electricity Saving Meeting’ where people could bring their electricity bills and discuss and compare usage, providers, tariffs etc. They could also share energy saving tips. Hopefully the idea of saving money would encourage people to attend. Jackie to approach East Green Energy and see if they would be interested in attending.

Nosey Sundays The idea being we take it in turns to go around people’s homes and gardens and see which eco-devices they use and what measures they are taking to be that bit ‘greener’. John will ask Bruisyard Hall if we could go on a tour of their woodchip boiler and woodland next year, and possibly to Bruisyard Village Hall too with its anti-flood preventions. Spadge suggested that other than this and Jackie’s, there may not be many homes to visit, but we could turn it into an info-sharing session where people bring photos in of what they are doing in and discuss.

Plastic Challenge- a little like the 30-30 food challenge, although it is to try and reduce your dependency on plastics or buy your weekly shopping with no plastics. Spadge also suggested we should approach the Co-Op about reducing their excessive packaging.

Other Ideas

Film Nights– Perhaps showing 2 short films an evening. It was suggested a heavy film such as ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ could then be followed by a more uplifting, inspirational film to leave people feeling more positively. Possibly also show a film on the 1953 flooding.

An Electricity Free Morning Deborah says her Fellowship has done something similar to this. It could be aimed at children to show them how much we rely on electricity. Could use candles for lighting and think up more traditional electricity-free activities.

  • Swap & Mend 
  1. Name: Spadge thinks the name ‘Swap & Mend’ is misleading because some people think they have to bring something to swap to be allowed to enter. Lydia is not keen on using the name ‘Freecycle’ because that is more about simply taking an item off someone, and she feels our Saturday events encompass much more than simply Feecycling. Lydia made some suggestions for new names including:
  • Fram Freebies                      – Fram Fixing & Freebies    – Regenerate
  • Give, Take, Fix                      – Give & Take                        – Fram Free Exchange
  • Give It, Take It, Fix It – Tit for Tat                             – Fix & Re-Home
  • Fram Free Trade
  • Lydia pointed out that she is cautious over using a name with ‘free’ in it as we have our hall hire costs, insurance etc to pay and if people think everything is free they may not feel obliged to bring either unwanted items or donate money, and they may feel that they are doing us a favour simply by taking items.

It was agreed to put alternative names to other core group members and then to the public via our mailing list and Swap & Mend, and possibly Facebook, and see which option is more popular. The core group could then discuss again in the New Year and make the final decision.

Lydia suggested having a Facebook page for Swap & Mend (or whatever the event’s new name will be!) Here people could give items away in between Swap & Mend events in a smaller and more closed environment than the Framlingham Freecycle page on Facebook. By making it closed, we could exchange goods more safely and with preference to others who also swap, rather than on Freecycle where there are some people who simply want to take items. It could possibly run under the LETS scheme where people ‘buy’ things using their credit. The page could advertise bigger goods and help to address the gap left by the closure of The Furniture Project. We could also advertise and arrange collection/delivery for people who do not have access to the internet/Facebook or who are worried about giving out their home address to strangers. Lydia is happy to run it, Spadge is happy to do some collections and Rachel is happy to be an admin. By running the GF Facebook page people storing items in between Swap & Mend’s could re-home bulkier or larger bits to save storing and taking items to the Unitarian again, and maximise the amount of unwanted stuff we are rehoming. It could also advertise upcoming GF events and news.

Spadge will print off some colour Swap & Mend posters and flyers for Jackie. Jackie has kindly agreed to pay for colour photocopies of our flyers. Spadge suggests she tries this for a month and see how it goes.

Dates Agreed to try and stick to the 2nd Saturday of each month where possible. Next Swap dates: 26th November, 14th January, 11th February, 11th March and 8th April.

Any other Business

Jackie, Deborah & Rachel cannot make the next Swap & Mend. Tracey has agreed to cover the refreshments for Deborah and we will encourage her to join our core group.

Salvaging Jumble Sale Goods

Lydia suggested we contact local fetes, jumble sales, Christmas Fairs etc and say we are happy to take unsold goods that they cannot use purposefully elsewhere (such as charity shops) to help keep more goods out of landfill. She has 2 boot loads of salvaged goods after Parham’s recent jumble sale to bring to our next Swap & Mend. Jackie to ask Santana to have this mentioned in the next edition of Fram Fare, when advertising our future Swap & Mend dates. This should be advertised on our website too. GF members could offer to take extra goods at local sales if practical. LK happy to store in caravan. This is something positive GF can do to reduce waste relatively easily and extend our Swap & Mends.

Food Bank Spadge suggested GF runs a very informal Food Bank which would be free for all to use, at all times and with no eligibility criteria. It was suggested to approach Matt Smith about locating it on the front lawn of the Unitarian Church grounds, near their notice board so it can be accessed easily, and relatively inconspicuously, by all. Concerns that it may be vandalised, but we could simply repair and try again, knowing that we were helping people out. John and Spadge happy to build a display cabinet for food to be stored in. Suggested it is on display at next Swap & Mend’s to introduce idea to people. GF members would undertake to oversee it and chuck out spoiled goods etc.

  • Social Media Update. Santana not at the meeting but we cannot find a new GF page on Facebook at the moment. If she would rather not start/run the page, other members of the group are happy do it. The page needs to have at least 2 core group members as admin for continuity.

Meeting closed 9pm.

Draft Minutes – Greener Fram – Annual General Meeting

Saturday 15th October 2016

Held at Fayap Centre, Framlingham

  1. Welcome – The meeting was opened by the Chair, David Greenacre.
  2. Apologies – Apologies for absence were received from Lydia Kirk, Suzanne Bartlett, Anita Beamish, Jean Clarkson, Deborah Bea, Judy Powell, Ian Lea, Angela Hatt
  3. Minutes of the last AGM, October 2015 – These had been circulated by email and hard copies were available at the meeting. They were accepted as an accurate record of proceedings.
  4. Matters Arising –

Swap & Mend: there had been 8 events over the past year (see later agenda item)Community Garden: this is going well (see later agenda item)30/30 Food Challenge: this didn’t happen as a GF event.Walking Bus: the primary school was supportive but local parents were not interested. However Mrs Lockyer, who sits on the Town Council’s Roads sub-committee said she would like to put the idea to the Council, particularly in view of the large amount of new housing in the town.Land behind the Unitarian Meeting Hall: the hall’s trustees did not accept GF’s proposal.Lending Shed: this will not work as a GF initiative due to the unavailability of insurance. However Spadge is happy to do this in his capacity as a private individual via LETS.LETS: see later agenda item. Secretary: Suzanne has continued as secretary since the last AGM despite having resigned. Last year’s aims: we wanted to increase membership, particularly among younger people. We now have over 300 email supporters, and a handful of young people have helped out at Swap & Mend. We also wanted to develop and expand, and now have a LETS group and a small Suma Wholefood buying group.

  1. Annual Financial Statement- Copies of the accounts and auditor’s statement were circulated before the meeting and hard copies were available. Our main income is through donations at Swap & Mend. These cover expenses on insurance, hall hire, website and new initiatives.
  2. Reports – Chair’s Report – David Greenacre. Hard copies were available at the meeting. In summary, GF began in 2008 with the aim of raising awareness and taking action on climate change. Our focus has expanded to include global resource depletion. GF is now part of the Transition Network. We have also won 3 Greenest County Awards. We have consolidated Swap & Mends as a (mainly) monthly event with 100-150 visitors each time. A LETS group has been set up. We supported Screen Free Week through the primary school. A sub-group continues to run the Community Garden and we have updated our website, with over 11,000 visitors in the past year. Community Garden Report – Jem Seeley. The garden has now been running for 5 growing seasons. Having begun with around 30 volunteers, there are now around 20 committed gardeners. They meet every 3rd Sunday morning, with Framlingham College providing refreshments. It is a good social event, as well as a productive one. Swap & Mend Report – Spadge Hopkins. Spadge suggested a change of name to Freecycle as this is more clearly understood by the public. Other core group members are against the idea. Some discussion ensued, including the need to have a transition period. ‘Swap & Mend Freecycle’ was suggested. The core group will decide on this at a later date. We will continue to have this as a monthly event, usually the second Saturday, but allowing for flexibility. LETS Report – Jackie Barrow . The scheme was set up in February 2016 and now has 20-30 members offering an interesting range of goods and services. The website is gradually evolving and members are able to record transactions and update their accounts. The first 2 trades have happened in the past month. Suma – Jackie Barrow . The Suma wholefood buying group was set up earlier this year. Although currently only 3 or 4 members shop this way, we manage to get together a good-sized order every couple of months.
  3. Resignations – David Greenacre resigned as Chair and also from the core group,
  4. Election of officers

Chair: Jackie Barrow – proposed by Spadge, seconded by David, carried unanimously

Minutes Secretary: Lydia Kirk – proposed by David, seconded by Spadge, carried unanimously

Email and Social Media: Santana – proposed by Caroline, seconded by David, carried unanimously

Social Arts Secretary: it was decided to support outside events, rather than have our own.

Promotions & Advertising: Jackie will take on printing and some distribution of Swap and Mend leaflets. Rachel to assist with distribution.

Treasurer: Deborah is willing to continue in this role. Proposed by Spadge, seconded by Caroline, carried unanimously.

Community Garden Rep: Jem Seeley to continue. Proposed by Matthew, seconded by Caroline, carried unanimously

Swap & Mend Co-ordinator: Spadge will continue with this.

Website: Nigel Bell, Ian Lea and David Greenacre to continue

Annual Charity Christmas Tree: Caroline

Schools Rep: Caroline

  1. Core Group – In addition to the Chair, Treasurer and Minutes Secretary, at least a further 5 members are required to form the core group. Elected were: Caroline, Spadge, Jem, Santana, John, Rachel
  2. Any Other Business

Revision of constitution: David read out the amended version, which was agreed by the meeting.

Spending Limits: it was agreed that the treasurer could spend up to £50 without prior approval or the need for 2 signatures on a cheque. However subsequently it was discovered that the bank always requires 2 signatures. Core group to clarify the objective here.

Outside speakers: it was agreed that we would aim to get outside speakers, particularly on energy efficiency, to public meetings.

Mini-food bank: Spadge raised the idea of a mini-food bank in town, where people can take and give at will.

Social event: Vince and Santana proposed a music night/social.

Promoting safe cycle routes: this is a town council initiative which is under discussion. ‘Quiet Lanes’ have been mooted by the town council but are not popular.

Furniture Project: the local store is now closed as there was little demand due to Freecycle and Facebook groups filling the need.

Primary School Wildlife Area: Caroline has a grant of £150 for bird feeders etc. Spadge will make some. Discussion of a green wall, with possible help from Santana (via Ecophysical) and Vince.

Future Swap & Mends: 26th November, 14th January 2017.