Minutes of Open Meeting


Lesley welcomed everyone to the meeting. Apologies had been received from Anita, Lydia, Caroline, Moggy, Deborah. Steph took the minutes.

 Treasurers report          There is £1637.47 in the bank account; petty cash £13.81- totalling £1651.28


 The Food Share Shed

Santana is publicising the notifications from supermarkets. Large amounts of produce from the Community Garden is being put in the shed, and there is a quick turn over. There is a good take-up Period poverty supplies. The Terracycle collection box is being used, although folk are a bit slap-dash with what they put in there. The Shed seems to have gained its own equilibrium with supplies and demand and does not need further publicity.

 Swap & Mend

There was some discussion regarding issues with S & M in not fulfilling its original purpose; which it was concluded was caused by not enough volunteers on the day to run the event properly. It was therefore proposed and agreed by all that the event on Saturday should be cancelled as several people were unable to attend. It was also agreed to not hold it on October 12th but review the future of Swap & Mend at the AGM scheduled for that day. The Swap & Mend online was working fine.

It was noted that all the other activities of Greener Fram were going well.

 The Community Garden

This season 21 beds out of 30 have been worked, and much of the resulting produce has been shared through the Food Share Shed. The garden is due to be cleared and ploughed up for a complete refurbishment this autumn.

Lesley, Steph, Lindsay Huggins will be meeting with Andrew Payne and the head groundsman at the College later this month and will report back to the AGM.

Lesley has applied for funding from a variety of sources and the Garden has been included in the Waitrose green token scheme for the month. It is anticipated costs will be covered for the revamp, but noted that Greener Fram had already agreed to make up any shortfall.

A number of entries will be taken to the Horticultural Show on Saturday.. The garden instagram account has proved most successful with many useful contacts made.

 The Mend Shed/Fram fix

2 sessions have been held so far and a number of successful ‘fixes’ made. 3 or 4 people attend, but more volunteers would be useful. It is planned to set up a separate bank account. Greener Fram has covered the cost of insurance and room hire for their first year.

 The Website – David has experienced some problems with being blocked as an administrator. He anticipates this will be resolved with the assistance of Nigel, but would welcome another helper to deal with admin duties. He would also welcome more updates from everyone.

 Recruiting Volunteers

No new ideas were forthcoming. Duke of Edinburgh young people were suggested but considered a possibility for the Community Garden rather than, for example, Swap & Mend.

 Officer Vacancies

It was agreed that organisation of Swap & Mend, if it continues, should not be the responsibility of the Chair and Treasurer, but a separate job. . It was thought a Secretary and a Vice-Chair.were not necessary,

Moggy to be asked if she would like to continue as social media secretary. David agreed to continue looking after the website.

 AOB – Spadge is still looking for a site for the electrical recycling unit and asked if anyone had contacts at Fram Farmers. Michelle offered to try to assist with this.

Jackie agreed to publicise the AGM and to Chair it. The speaker would be someone from the Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm who will follow on at conclusion of business.