Community Garden – New Coordinators needed

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The Community Garden started in 2010 in collaboration with Framlingham College who kindly donated the land for the project. A dedicated team have acted as the point of contact between Greener Fram and the College. They organised events, planting and volunteers on the 3rd Sunday of each month. The team now wish to step down and we thank them for all their work over the last eight years.

We now need a new team to take up the project and  to develop it further in discussion with the Greener Fram Core Group and the Framlingham College. At present many of the plots are being used by other organisations and Greener Fram works 6 plots. We have 3-4 regular helpers meeting on the 3rd Sunday of each month.

The Community Garden has a fenced raised bed area, an orchard, and meadow. The new team would act in a coordinating role as well as developing new events. They would work closely with the Greener Fram Core Group and receive support from them.

Greener Fram is acting for a positive future. Are you interested in joining us,  if so contact Jackie on 01728 684312. Don’t worry if you don’t have a team, others may feel the same, and together the new team will be formed.


Swap and Mend Tomorrow 9th June

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Same place and same time. Also enquire about free mending. It maybe possible to mend what you thought you were going to throw away. New venture – Mend Shed ask for details.

Greener Fram also runs a community garden in cooperation with Framlingham College, a LETS scheme, bulk buy goods from SUMA and is always willing to involve new people who may have ideas of their own.

Future Swap and Mends are planned on Saturdays 14th July, (a rest in August), September 22nd, (AGM in October), November 10th and December 8th.

We could do with more volunteers to help with the Swap and Mends please ask for details on Saturday.


Community Allotment and Free Food Shed

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Next Swap and Mend Saturday 9th June

Community Allotment

We are looking for gardening volunteers to grow vegetables on the Greener Fram allotment. The gardeners can take home the harvest, any surplus can be given away at Swap and Mend mornings. We also need someone to co-ordinate. Contact Jackie at millhousecamping@gmail.com

Framlingham Free Food Shed

You may have noticed a little green shed in the library car park. It isn’t the naughty cupboard for readers with unpaid library fines, it’s our new free food collection point. The aim is to prevent food waste. Greener Fram collects unsold produce from Tesco in Saxmundham to give away at our Swap and Mend mornings. We plan to collect more often, and put the food in our new shed. In addition, anyone can put food here that they won’t eat – eg surplus allotment produce, windfall fruit, unwanted food gifts. We just ask that it still be edible and appropriately wrapped/sealed. Anyone can take the food – it’s not a food bank (there’s a food bank donation point in the Co-op).