No Swap and Mend in August

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The next Swap and mend is on Saturday 23rd September. Same times and place. Greener Fram AGM is held in October and so no Swap and Mend in October. The Saturdays of November 11th and December 9th will be Swap and Mend days.

On Sunday 24th September Greener Fram will hold a Food FareShare Event. More details to follow later.

Please put these dates into your diary and do come to our AGM, ALL ARE WELCOME, in October where you can have an opportunity to share your thoughts on how we can improve and expand what we do. We need to hear those ideas so we can take action and together we can build a positive future.

The minutes of all Greener Fram meetings are published on this website. The July core group meeting minutes published 22nd July.


Event Swap or Mend

Next Swap and Mend on Saturday 8th July

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Start sorting out the things you might want to swap or have mended ready for the event. Last time we counted there were over three hundred people coming along and huge amounts of ‘stuff’ that would have gone to landfill was re – homed.  If you have nothing to swap then come along anyway and take what you want, giving Greener Fram a donation. We are funded only by your donations.  We also provide free fairtrade tea and coffee, and usually cakes as well.

Come and take part. You might just find that item you didn’t know you wanted and when you get fed up with bring it along to another Swap and Mend and swap it for something else.

We mend items. Bring something along and rather than throw it away get it mended. Our volunteers give their time for free and Greener Fram funds the materials. All it costs you is a donation to cover costs.

Great for children as no money is involved. ‘Just make sure they don’t try the same in the local shops.’

Swap and Mend is organised by Greener Fram your local transition group. Come and find out what that is all about.



‘Tomorrow’ – Greener Fram’s First Film Night

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                                                    Next Swap and Mend Saturday 10th June

Much preparation went into our first film night. The DVD was checked and previewed by Earl Soham scout group. Cakes were made, popcorn popped, a poster designed, printed and circulated. The hall at the FAYAP centre was beautifully set up. We arrived early to sort out the refreshments and put up some Greener Fram literature. The hall was just about full – over 30 people came. There was some head-scratching over unexpected technical problems but, after presenting our previous chair David Greenacre with a long overdue thank you for his commitment over the last few years, the team got the show on the road.

‘Tomorrow’ is a documentary full of optimism showing how communities around the world have taken the initiative to move towards a greener way of life. I had heard of the economic and social devastation in Detroit a decade ago, but I had no idea that its inhabitants had addressed the problem of local food scarcity by growing their own vegetables. All over the city, there are community allotments providing fresh produce. Iceland generates all its own energy from renewables. Copenhagen has windfarms owned by local co-operatives instead of large power companies. In Todmorden, West Yorkshire, there are vegetable beds all over town, including outside the police station. Totnes in Devon has its own currency, guaranteeing that economic wealth stays in the town, and is not diverted to national or multinational companies.

Many of the initiatives were started by communities or individuals – they were not led or financed by local or national governments. Without the red tape of bureaucracy, things can happen more quickly and communities have ownership of the project and a desire for it to succeed.

We asked our audience what the film had inspired them to do: – eat less meat, cycle more, grow my own vegetables, never eat at MacDonalds again were some of the responses.

We hope that these small seeds will grow into greater activity to help Framlingham as it transitions to become a less oil-dependent, more resilient town. We can’t save the whole planet on our own, we can only start with where we find ourselves.

However, even committed ‘greenies’ make mistakes; I have to hold my hand up to being the person who thought draping our Greener Fram banner over the cycle rack was a good idea. Sorry Steph!

Jackie Barrow