Swap & Mend Cancelled

Swap & Mend this Saturday has been cancelled due to lack of voluntary staff. We have also decided to cancel the October Swap and Mend and just hold our AGM on that Saturday.

Swap and Mends has been running from April 2014. At present we run Swap and Mends on the second Saturday of each month. It takes a minimum of 6-8 volunteers to run a Swap and Mend. The volunteers transport stuff from storage to the venue, run the refreshments, help unload the cars/vans, set up the tables and be there to help our ‘customers’. Then at the end pack, sort and transport stuff back to storage. The team takes some sorted items for recycling at the end of each session.

We need a bigger pool of volunteers to enable Swap and Mends to continue in their present form. Please consider helping out.